Elizabeth Lamb, CMS Librarian
Welcome to the CMS Library Page! 
Need to look up a book?  Click this link and choose "Canyon Middle School" to search our catalog.
Book Fair:
We had our best sales ever during our November book fair!  We raised nearly $2000 to be spent
at Scholastic for new books for the library.
Our next fair will be in April and will be a BOGO (Buy One, Get One free) fair
Fiction Addiction:
4th book--Andrew Fukuda's This Light Between Us:  A Novel of World War II

No meeting—---------------------------Tues., Jan. 4

Read Prelude–Ch. 5 (pgs. 9–52) for Tues., Jan. 11

Read Ch. 6–12 (pgs. 53–94) for Tues., Jan. 18

Read Ch. 13–18 (pgs. 95–135) for Tues., Jan. 25

Read Ch. 19–29 (pgs. 136–173) for Tues., Feb. 1

Read Ch. 30–37 (pgs. 174–210) for Tues., Feb. 8

Read Ch. 38–43 (pgs. 211–250) for Tues., Feb. 15

Read Ch. 44–51 (pgs. 251-289) for Tues., Feb. 22

Read Ch. 52–60 (pgs. 290–325) for Tues., Feb. 29

Read Ch. 61–Epilogue (pgs. 326–375) for Tues., March 1

Directions for logging on at 7pm each Tuesday evening:
1.  Log into your Google account.
2.  Go to Google Meet (from "waffle" choose the camera icon)
     OR type and click "+."
3.  Type FICTION ADDICTION into the box.
4.  Click "Join."
See you there!
Photo of author Allison Pittman with her book
A special THANK YOU to author Allison Pittman for meeting with our group this past spring for a very fun & informative Q & A session!  Plus helping out with our summer Fiction Addiction club!
Did someone say digital books?  We have SORA, an Overdrive program, for access to our district ebooks & audiobooks!  Currently available for all CISD secondary school students.  6th graders will have access to elementary and middle school resources.  7th and 8th graders will have access to elementary, middle school, and high school resources.  
You may access Sora by logging into your ClassLink account and clicking on the Sora app.
  Airplane logo for Sora app                     
Need book suggestions?  Lone Stars are always a good choice.  Check out Ms. Lamb's Lone Star book trailers.  Many of these titles are available in SORA in ebook and/or audiobook format as well as in the CMS library.
Congrats to our 2020-2021 Name That Book! Team.  Only 2 points behind winners MVMS!  Gunning for a win next year!
Team members: Back, left to right--Sydney Mace, Caden Scales, Team Captain Marc Mora, Michaela Balbuena.  Front, left to right--Librarian Elizabeth Lamb, Alexis Gillette.
Good luck at CHS next year, Marc.  We will miss you!
Interested in joining our 2021-2022 Name That Book team?  We will be adding 2 more members for the competition in April.  Start reading the 2021 Lone Star titles and let the librarian, Ms. Lamb, know you are interested.  Tryouts and practices will be held in the spring.