*Registration & Jag Camp 2019-2020 » *Registration & Jag Camp 2019-2020

*Registration & Jag Camp 2019-2020


New to district--Aug. 6, 7, 8, 12 by appointment (830-221-2300)
Upcoming 6th graders--Aug. 13--8am-12pm, 1:30-5pm
Upcoming 7th graders--Aug. 14--8am-12pm
Upcoming 8th graders--Aug. 14--1:30-5pm
Open (for those not able to make previous times)--Aug. 14--5-7pm
Make up registration--Aug. 15--8am-12pm, 1:30-4pm
Jag Camp for all new students (campus orientation)--Aug. 23--9-10am