Teachers Help Teachers with Classroom Supplies Following Snowstorm

March 10, 2021 - February’s snowstorm left Specht Elementary teachers in need of classroom supplies, and on Saturday, March 6, they were invited to shop at a temporary store stocked and filled with donations from parents, colleagues and community businesses.

Volunteers turned two portable classrooms at Indian Springs Elementary into the temporary teacher store and helped Specht teachers restock their classrooms after the snowstorm displaced both students and teachers, explained ISES principal Mary Stults, who organized the event.

“It takes thousands of dollars to set up a classroom, and we did not want the Specht teachers to start from scratch,” Stults said. “Specht’s principal, Jackie Sundt, has been a role model for our Comal ISD principals for years. She is always the first to jump to help others with her giving heart. It was our pleasure to do what we all know she would have done for us.”

Jump in to help, is exactly what teachers, staff, parents and businesses did. Donations from across the 589-square-mile district were collected including books, gift cards, posters, notebooks, paper, colorful borders and more.

Specht teachers carried out boxes full of supplies to their cars on Saturday. They were also treated to some special items donated from various community sponsors including the Alamo Management Group, Stephens Roofing, Kristen Schramme Realtor, H-E-B, Walgreens, Whataburger and Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union which donated two mini-vans full of school supplies.

“Comal ISD is a family,” Stults said, “and families help each other when we are in need. I am very proud of how we joined together to support one another.”




-Pictured from left, Indian Springs Elementary teacher, Bianca LeMaster, helped Specht Elementary teachers, Kelley Valliant and Jolyn Caddell, carry boxes full of classroom supplies to their cars.

-Pictured from left, Indian Springs Elementary teacher, Bianca LeMaster; Specht Elementary teacher, Lindsay Budnik; ISES teacher Laura Seward; and ISES assistant principal Jody Rathke.

-Indian Springs Elementary Principal Mary Stults and Spech Elementary Principal Jackie Sundt.

-Needed school supplies filled several tables and two classroom portable buildings on Saturday, March 6, for the Specht Elementary Teacher Store.

-Pictured from left are teachers and staff from Specht Elementary and Indian Springs Elementary, Gilbert Ponce, Mary Stults, Jackie Sundt, Bianca LeMaster, Jody Rathke and Stephanie Haecke.



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