Students Discover Passions, Careers with Comal Compass

The district has launched this year’s Comal Compass plan for students in grades sixth through 12th. Just as a compass provides directions; Comal Compass is designed to help students find their direction or passion in life by discovering their unique gifts, talents and abilities.

In partnership with Naviance, the district is providing opportunities for students to experience career exploration, job market analysis, college admission, military enlistment, financial aid and exam preparation through Comal Compass.

“These annual activities give students a chance to discover who they are and who they want to become,” said Tiffany Newkirk, director of academic counseling. “Each year builds on the one before and gives students and parents an opportunity to plan for the future.”

Beginning in the sixth grade, students are introduced to Comal Compass to discover their passions through a series of activities including videos, scavenger hunts, surveys and more. Every year, students build on what they learn about themselves and create a plan for their future. Each grade level integrates six key elements including social emotional learning, interpersonal skills, academic skills, career knowledge, college knowledge and transition skills.

Parents are encouraged to talk to their students about their results which may be accessed through the student’s Naviance account. They are also encouraged to help students set goals and explore their areas of interest annually.

Here’s a look at what to expect at each grade level.

6th grade

  • Students are introduced to Naviance and learn how to navigate it through a scavenger hunt. They also take a “transition to middle school survey.”

7th grade

  • Students connect their strengths with careers that may interest them.

8th grade

  • Students explore their interests and post-secondary options.

9th grade

  • Students begin to learn how to communicate their needs and preferred learning styles.

10th grade

  • Students discover how their unique personality type connects to post-secondary opportunities.

11th grade

  • Students learn how to connect their personality traits to post-secondary options.

12th grade

  • Students complete a “Senior Needs Assessment” to share their post-secondary plans and where they would like support during their senior year in order to make their plans come to fruition.

The activities in Naviance take place during the school day, and every student in grades sixth through 12th participate. For more information about Comal Compass, click here.


*Photos taken during 2019-2020 school year before COVID-19 protocols.





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