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Art Fees and Supplies


All students taking Art (any class) will be required to pay a $5.00 lab fee.  This cost will cover consumable supplies we use the most, such as, sketchbooks, colored pencils, erasers, sharpeners, sharpie markers, etc. 


By paying a fee of $5.00, this lifts the burden of you having to go shopping to find these items.  This also allows us as teachers to purchase the correct supplies and get them at a discount…Saving you money!


The Art lab fee can be paid during CMS Registration or during the first two weeks of school (in Art class).  Checks can be made payable to “CMS Art.” 


The only other supply item you need is a Pencil!  If you have any questions or there is a problem paying this fee, please see Mrs. Engel. 


Of course, Donations are always needed and welcomed...


boxes of Kleenex

paper towels

sticky notes

masking Tape

Boxes of Pencils

Clorox wipes

Zip Lock bags

Hot Glue Sticks

SOS / Brillo pads