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Staff Directory

Adams Elsa Email Spanish/Spanish 1
Adams Judith Email Theatre Arts
Aguirre Henry Email Campus SRO
Alvarez Jessica Email Front Office
Apodaca Stephanie Email Paraprofessional
Arambula Manuel Email Orchestra
Athens Darren Email Science 8
Bailey Amanda Email Dance/Topcats
Bartos Sarah Email Paraprofessional
Baughman Denise Email Science 6
Bernhard Katrina Email Choir/Theater
Buntyn Kymberlee Email CCR/Cyber
Burger Charlene Email Math 6
Camarillo Victor Email Athletic Coordinator
Cardiff Mason Email CCR
Carollo Jessica Email Administration
Chapman Sarah Email ELA 8/Coach
Cheatham Leticia Email Attendance Clerk
Coleman Shanna Email Registrar
Conger Brady Email Principal
Cowan Clinton Email Social Studies 8
Cox Devin Email Inclusion
Craft Keira Email Behavior
Curley Michelle Email Essential Academics
D'Amore Lauren Email ELA 7
Davis Preston Email Science 7/Coach
Dinh Terri Email GT/CATE
Dolezal Brooke Email Math 7
Eames Brant Email Yearbook/Social Studies 7
Engel Michelle Email Art I
Escobedo Pamela Email Math 6
Faix Laura Email Essential Academics
Farmer Randall Email Essential Academics
Flowers Danielle Email CATE
Fowler Taylor Email Science 6/Coach
Gatell Teresa Email ELA 8
Gibson Shannon Email Science 6/7
Goetz Tara Email Reading CIT/Dyslexia
Goodman Cristen Email Paraprofessional
Gorden Ashley Email Band
Havekost Margo Email ELA 7
Hernandez Maricela Email Paraprofessional
Ikels Peri Email Inclusion
Kaderka Amy Email LSSP
King Christal Email Inclusion Para
Lamb Elizabeth Email Librarian / Name That Book / Fiction Addiction
Lazenby Payton Email Math 7/Coach
Leal Herlinda Email Manager Food Service
Linehan Catherine Email Paraprofessional
Lippe Marsha Email Counselor
Lopez Mary Email Bookkeeper
Marquardt Slade Email Tech Apps/Coach
McCoy Jessica Email ELA 6/Coach
Michalek Corey Email Social Studies 7/Coach
Miranda Michele Email Paraprofessional
Morgan Nicole Email Nurse
Morin Jacqueline Email Counselor
Morris Shayna Email Inclusion
Neal Phelecia Email Band
Orlowski Alan Email PE/Coach
Perez Michael Email Administraion
Phillips Patricia Email SAS
Pleak Mariruth Email Paraprofessional
Proctor Courtney Email Campus Instructional Coach
Quidachay Chelsea Email Administration
Remling Taylor Email Social Studies 6 / Cheer / UIL Coord.
Rodriguez Ana Email Head Custodian
Rodriguez Nathalie Email Art
Rosas Tracy Email Math 7/Coach
Samuels-Greene Gerry Email Paraprofessional
Schanhals Manon Email Campus Instructional Coach
Schmidt Brad Email Social Studies 6/Coach
Schoch Roberta Email Communities in Schools
Schouweiler Kevin Email Math 8
Servantes Belinda Email Secondary Academic Support
Smith Alina Email Senior Associate
Sosa Brittany Email PE/Coach
St. John Megan Email ELA 7
Steele Mark Email Social Studies 7/Coach
Taylor Dugan Email Youth Leadership/ Tech Ed
Titus Darcy Email Science 7
Torres Ashley Email ELA 6 / Fiction Addiction
Torres Erin Email Athletic Girls Coordinator/Coach
Valenzuela Leslie Email Paraprofessional
Vazquez Jose Email Tech Ed/Principles of Manufacturing
Weiss Margie Email Inclusion
White Lyn Email Science 8
Whitsitt Gina Email ESL
Williams La Sonya Email ISS
Wilson Faye Email Math 8
Windham Brooke Email Inclusion