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Schedule & Policies

1rst Period     8:45-9:44    Spanish -1
2nd Period     9:48-10:43  Spanish-1
3rd Period     10:47-11:42 Exploratory
4th Period     11:46-12:46 Exploratory
Lunch            12:46-1:16
5th Period     1:20-2:15     Spanish-1
6th Period     2:19-3:14     Spanish-1
7th Period    3:18-4:10      Conference
Tutorials will be in the afternoon after school, 4:15 to 4:45  by appointment.
SYLLABUS     Texas Auténtico  Pearson ISBN-13 978-0-328-90546-1
1rst Semester 
1. Chapter 1.     Para empezar,  1A Que te gusta hacer?, 1B y tu como eres?
2. Chapter 2.    2A Tu dia en la escuela, 2b Tu sala de clases.
3. Chapter 3.    3A Desayuno o almuerzo?, 3B Para mantener la salud.
2nd Semester    
4. Chapter 4.    4A A donde vas?, 4B Quieres ir conmigo?
5. Chapter 5.    5A Una fiesta de cumpleanos, 5B Vamos a un restaurante!
6  Chapter 6.    6A En mi dormitorio, 6B Como es tu casa?
1 Dictionary Spanish-English, English Spanish
1 pkg. of Red Pens, Black or Blue Pens.
2 Box of pencils HB
1 Composition Book college ruled
200 index cards
2 Notebook paper college ruled
1 pkg. of highlighters
1 Pocket folder with brads
1 box of map colors, crayons
1 Box of sharpies
2 Box of Kleenex
2 Black Expo markers Glue Sticks
1 Zipper Pouch
1 light jacket
1. Talk at appropriate times only.
2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
3. Have all your materials and homework.
4. Follow the dress code.
5. Follow the school rules and regulations.
This behavior will NOT be tolerated and will be an automatic office referral.
1. Bullying or intimidating.
2. Fighting and assaulting.
3. Vandalism or stealing.
4. Horseplaying and littering.
Beginning the class.
1. Students entering the classroom.
2. Absent students making up work.
3. Starting the lesson.
4. Getting students attention.
During class.
5. Using the bathroom.
6.Turning in-class work.
7. How students ask for help.
8. Sharpening pencils.
9. Group work.
Ending class
10. Students putting the material away.
COURSE DESCRIPTION: Languages Other Than English
Spanish Exploratory -1801       Semester             Grade 7-8
Prerequisite: None
Exploratory Spanish introduces the students to the Spanish language and culture. Students learn through a variety of activities, including games, partner interaction, use of the textbook, video programs, computer software, and audiotapes.
Spanish -1    -1891
HS Credit: 1 Full Year                                     Grade 8
Prerequisite: Exploratory Spanish Recommended. This course provides an introduction to the five C's: communication(speaking, listening, reading, writing), culture (understanding of the people, practices, products, and perspectives), connections (with other subject areas), comparisons (own culture/language with another), and communities ( using language beyond the school setting for personal and career development). This course yields high school credit. The grade earned will be factored into student's high school GPA.