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Art with Ms. Rodriguez

Up Next! CLAY UNIT! The month of December we will be working with clay. 7th graders, please bring in an empty soda can or tin can. 
We are also collecting thin cardboard (like empty cereal boxes). We need the thin cardboard for explosion books!
11/22/19 Last day in class to complete Asymmetrical Starbursts! They are due this week. Last day they are accepted is December 9. Progress reports will go out December 6.
Friday 10/11/19- Last day to work on Sugar Skull in class.
Current Project: Sugar Skulls due Thursday, October 17
Sixth grade: Coat of Arms and the Art of Heraldry
4th period due: September 19
5th/6th/7th period: September 20
Seventh grade: Lego Self Portrait
2nd/3rd period due: September 19
5th period due: September 20
Portfolios look great!
Please remember your sketchbook, pencils, eraser, sharpeners, and color pencils daily!
Welcome Y'ALL